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Interview with Rebecca Sealfon

Rebecca Sealfon, who won the National Spelling Bee Thursday, joined ABCNEWS.com for a live chat from her hotel in Washington, D.C.

The interview is over, but you can read the transcript below.

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Interview with Rebecca Sealfon
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Moderator Forum at 10:13pm ET
Rebecca Sealfon has joined us live from the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C., and we are ready for your questions.
envious in nyc from disney.com at 10:16pm ET
How many hours a day did you study for the contest? To win something like this, can you actually have a life? Do you ever party?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:17pm ET
About 3, 5 days a week. Of course I got to party. I went to a spellers' party tonight.
cheryl from disney.com at 10:17pm ET
what was the first word you learned how to spell?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:18pm ET
I don't remember. I don't remember a time when I couldn't read.
kappy from disney.com at 10:18pm ET
at what age did you learn how to read?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:18pm ET
before I was 2
Zim-Zum from [] at 10:19pm ET
What was it like when you spelled that last word? Was it really suprusing?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:19pm ET
It felt great. I'd been wanting to win for 2 yrs. & I was incredibly lucky to do it.
LYNN from disney.com at 10:19pm ET
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:20pm ET
I don't really know but I like fantasy books like Lord of the Rings by Tolkien & The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.
HELENE from disney.com at 10:20pm ET
What are you going to do with the prize money
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:20pm ET
I'm probably going to put most of it in my college fund.
alissy from disney.com at 10:20pm ET
do you speak any other languages?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:21pm ET
I'm not fluent in any others but I know some Hebrew & Latin.
Cmom from sunlink.net at 10:21pm ET
As a parent, I am studying spelling words with them once a week. Do you have any hints how I can make these drilling sessions fun and educational?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:22pm ET
It's impossible to make them fun. But play a game, how many do you get right in a row.
adk from disney.com at 10:22pm ET
why do you whisper the letters into your hands before saying them to the judges? when did you start doing this?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:23pm ET
Because I don't want to have a slip of the tongue and it helps me picture the words.
tony from brooklyn from disney.com at 10:23pm ET
You obviously knew the word "euonym". How on earth had you come across it?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:24pm ET
I think it was in some of the books I studied, plus the prefix & suffix were roots I'd known.
Moderator Forum at 10:24pm ET
We have heard that you are schooled at home -- do you miss being with other children while you are learning?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:25pm ET
To some extent, but home schooling allows me to go at my own pace.
jillvivhel from disney.com at 10:25pm ET
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:26pm ET
I don't really know, but I definitely want to be a writer.
Doug from [] at 10:26pm ET
Should English drop its historical spellings for a phonetic, rule-based dictionary?
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:28pm ET
I have mixed feelings about that. a) you wouldn't be able to tell where they come from. b) few people would misspell, which is good. c) It's a lot of inertia, & many people wouldn't like to learn all the new spellings.
Rebecca Sealfon at 10:28pm ET
Thanks a lot, it was nice talking to everyone. I really enjoyed this opportunity.

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