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The following was found by Harold Freshour in the book
Re/Search #10:Incredibly Strange Films
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Bettie Page

Actress/model who,thanks to the efforts of Irving Klaw, became the archetypal female bondage and domination subject. She appeared in dozens of films for Klaw, none longer than fifteen minutes. Upon watching her old films, one can easily understand her popularity. She was extremely pretty, with a near-perfect figure to match, and she obviously *enjoyed* her work-never losing her spontaneity.

Betty Page got her start as a pin-up in the late forties; soon she was very popular. Klaw, whose primary source of income was pin-up photos, was quick to realize her potential in less acceptable erotic forms. Her shiny black hair and expressive eyes lent themselves to Klaw's domination films. Whether playing the role of master or slave, Betty acted out her parts with enthusiasm and never with a frozen expression.

Ms. Page's whereabouts today are unknown. She is rumored to have married and moved back to her home state of Tennessee, possibly without comprehending the scope of her influence on the sexploitation industry.

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