2004 Bonnie Blog Archive

2004 Archive

Jan. - my resolutions for 2004, white trash weekends, reasons why I love the the Brits, Pet blogs, television stardom and unusual art, I wonder if this rattles any cellar doors?

Feb. - San Francisco: The City of Lazy Singles, Gross/Cool/Embarrassing Stuff that happened to me this past week

March - I hope I don't blow up, Not dead yet..so there's room for improvement, Pass the Dayquil, Why Did I Buy This?

April - Buy My Book, JackaWhat?

May - too busy, too much to say and I don't know where to start, so I don't.

June - bonnie likes imaginary men best of all, flicking the on/off switch, hardy har har, duly noted

July - July 4th: Part One -- May the Fourth Be With You, July 4th: Part Two -- Jesus So Did Not Build My Hotrod, Happy Birthday to Me, I'm not stalking, I'm simply observing!

August - A Bullet List of Bonnie's Life This Month, Snapshots from Comic-Con, Tour my bachelorette pad

September - Lettuce Amuse U Traffic School, Jeanne Travis & Peter Ellenby's Wedding

October - Cute Little Possessed Chicken, The Great Pumpkin, The Annual ILM Halloween Party

November - VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!, I refuse to give up, From the Michael Moore mailing list, NaNoWriMo what?, Ready, Set, Kick!, A photo is worth a thousand words...

December - Let the Wookiee's Bumper Car Win (Part 1), Keep That Party Hat On! (Part 2), Show that Holiday Spirit -- in the car, Pass the Mic, Holiday Party in Oak-Town, Christmas Eve at the Beach, New Year's Eve Karaoke Bash at Tanya's Pad

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