2006 Bonnie Blog Archive

2006 Archive

Jan. - I was Goth when it was called Death Rocker, My Weird Habits, Jane Wiedlin's Love for All Things Star Wars, Chewbacca Tissue Box Cozy Craft, Death Cab for Cutie talk about Star Wars, A Photo of My Perfect Weekend

Feb. - Dark Beetle of the Sith, Bittersweet Valentine, Make This Yoda Doll, You Must

March - Things I Need to Remember, Seth Green: Man of Action Figures, "Tattooed Portraits" art show, The Evolution of Graffiti, Geeky Catnip Toys, Relient K Bassist Bonds Over Ben Kenobi

April - APE 2006, Maker Faire 2006: Robots, Rockets and DIY Geek Projects, ILM Gets Involved in "Every 15 Minutes," McGriddles Fan Fic

May - Mission: "Lost" in Star Wars, DIY Faux Felucia Flowers, Dust Mites=1, Bonnie=0

June - Feeling Like a Lardo, Wanna Buy a Castle?, Weight Loss Tips from Geeks, Movie Idea of the Week: Caped pizza delivery guys, American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, Weird UFO Writing Gig

July - Open Letter to the Neighbors Who Refuse to Clean Up After Mr. Whiskers, Happy Birthday to Me, My Letter to Magnet Magazine, Man in Red Dress on the Run, I Came, I Saw, I Comic-Conned!

August - My Smartass Milk Review on Amazon.com, Not All Girls Want to Go Wild, Ladies of Laughter, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Just call me Niebur Boton

September - Sing Journey like a Wookiee, You Can Draw: Star Wars Book, Everyone Loves a Parade, and Wookiees!

October - I'm in Entertainment Weekly magazine, The Jury is Out, Meeting Amy Sedaris, ILM-Lucasfilm Halloween Party

November - Omne ignotum pro magnifico, Holiday Inn Thunderdome, Liberal Penguins, and Fondon't

December - Deck the Halls with Singing Droid, R2-D2 Pinhole Camera Craft, Sebastian the Speederbike Squirrel, TGIF at Lucasfilm, Aquabats All the Way, Lucasfilm Holiday Party, Star Wars Action Figure Wreath, Utinni!

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