2007 Bonnie Blog Archive

2007 Archive

Jan. - Blogging the Rose Parade, Daydreaming Through a Past, Decorating the Star Wars Rose Parade Floats, Make Your Own Star Wars Action Figure Floats, A Hero's Journey: Masi Oka, You Can Draw: Star Wars -- Out Now!

Feb. - You Can Draw: Star Wars Podcast Interview & Review, The Best Crafty and Cooking Blogs, Retro Geek Accident of the Day, Ask Bonnie videos on the way, Podcast all about the FBI's Body Farm, You Can Draw: Star Wars Instructional Video Clips, Mark Frauenfelder and Bre Pettis: Bringing Geeky Back, Bossk Bean Art

March - Me on BoingBoing Podcast 10, Tag -- Artoo is It!, Befriend my Blog Book, Saving Private TK-421

April - Mr. Binks and Brett, Star Wars Papercraft Easter Egg Boxes, Tips for Watching Grindhouse, APE -- Alternative Press (Zines, Art and Crafts) Expo 2007

May - Q&A with Conan O'Brien, Kaiser Chiefs: Touring With Wookiee Roadies, Shawn Barber's "Tattooed Portraits: 2" Art Show, R2-Mr.T2 and Me, Andy Gets Hitched!, Read my stuff in Bust, Geek Monthly and Star Wars Insider, Underground Artists Take on the Sith in The Vader Project, Just another day at Lucasfilm...., Having Fun at Maker Faire, Celebration IV Recap

June - My interview on Voice of the Republic podcast, Bill Hader Channels His Inner Tauntaun, The Making of "Sgt. Lucas" Poster, Jeaneology craft book review, Yoda and I Wish We Were Bettie Page, mc chris: Napping with Artoo, Star Wars Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon) Sock Doll Craft

July - Marc Ecko: Outfitting Rebel Scum in Style, Me and my Plantar Fascia, Creating R2-S2 (Steampunk R2-D2), My Fanboy Field Guide in The Girls' Guide to Guys' Stuff, Birthday Fun on the Plane to Heathrow, Blogging from Celebration Europe, You Can Draw: Star Wars at Celebration Europe, The Real World: Darth Vader

August - Comic-Con 2007 Recap, My Chat with Force-cast Podcast, Cradle of Filth: Our Kind of Scum and Villainy, Stormtroopers in Love, Chewie Hands off Lightsaber to NASA

September - Rob Crow Joins the Rebel Alliance, Star Wars Book Bag Craft, Lightsabre UK Interviews Me, My Cameo with Force-cast Podcast Stormtroopers, Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Bear

October - "Colbert Report" Star Wars Pop-up Book Cameo, Retro Comic Image of the Day, Stormzilla!!!, Plants Warn Each Other, New Drug Side Effect: WookieeVision, Ask Bonnie -- Ukuleles, Star Wars Crafts LiveJournal Community, Ask Bonnie -- Ghost Hunting Tips, ILM Lucasfilm Halloween Party, San Jose Tattoo Convention

November - "Tales from the Deep" Art Show, Skinny Puppy and the Depths of Star Wars, May the Puppies Be With You, I Have a Bad Feeling..., DIY Lifesize Jabba the Hutt Puppet, Welcome to Planet Duran Duran, It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD Galaxy, Admiral Ackbar Black Velvet Painting

December - My Desk at Work, In the Pink, Ask Bonnie -- Weird Holiday Gifts, Ask Bonnie -- Weird Holiday Music, Project Runway judge Nina Garcia answers My Questions, I Like to Think of a Cybernetic Forest, Cinematic Titanic Party, Zaproot Vlog, Lucasfilm/ILM 2007 Party Photos, *wink*, Make a Sympathy Doll - Weekend Projects Vlog, Les Claypool's Bith-free Jam Band, Drawings of Me, Vader in the Mission, Have a Moosey Christmas, Cheers!

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