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Retro board games

Before Atari came along, we used to play board games. Clue and Family Feud were my favorites, but Monopoly ruled the household. There are a few board games I never knew existed and thanks to eBay, I've stocked up.

The first game I bought was a vintage, but complete, Charlie's Angels game for $15. I got the original Farrah cover (duh!). I haven't played it yet, but it looks damn cool on my end table at home.

Another game I bought based on a TV show was the Bionic Crisis with Lee Majors. The board isn't as cool looking as the cover, but that's the case with most board games taken from TV shows. I got it for $13. And it's worth it!

One of the better games I bought has to be the Pac Man Board Game for $10. I know it sounds awful silly to buy a board game based on a video game - but it was too cool to pass up. It comes with big plastic Pac Man and ghosts. You have to gobble up all the marbles before the ghosts get you. I found myself making my own sound effects while playing the game. It's pretty fun to play as long as you don't spill the marbles everywhere half-way through the game.