I spit in your food

Y ou're not alone if you hate your job, want to run over your boss in the parking lot or daydream about spiking the water cooler with LSD. In fact, you've already become a coined term... DISGRUNTLED.

Granted...other people who are sick of saying..."Do you want fries with that?" have taken action and gone online with their ravenous rants....

So bitch and moan all you want, but you're not gonna impress any of the other reindeer in the cubicles or kids at the grease vat unless you publish your spit-fire whit online! The following are sites that have to do with working in the retail or service industry. If you want office-related humor sites, you should visit the Cubism section.

Bathroom Break, Boss? -- read a Web journal full of work-related rants and submit your own!

Flame Broiled -- read diary entries from disguntled ex-Burger King employees.

Disgruntled Postal Worker Zone -- forget the dog, beware of the postman!
Read the tales of 2 postal workers and their dysfunctional relationship...

How To Turn The Work Life Of A Local 7-Eleven Employee Into A Living Hell -- Remember the clerk in the movie Love & a .45 or poor Apu in the Simpsons? Then you might want to visit this page of a 7-11 clerk who hates his job and seeks revenge.

Andy's Rants on Being a Pizza Delivery Driver -- The next time you order a pizza for delivery, you might be a little nicer after reading Andy's rants. Don't turn your water sprinklers on the guy, and remember to tip gig.

Temp Slave zine

Here's another grand zine that I have gladly handed over cash to buy. In fact, I love the damn zine so much I wrote a review called "The Underbelly of a Business" for the July 1997 Wired issue, on page 154. Temp Slave has rants and stories on first jobs, international temp work and even some labor poetry. Keffo USED to have it online, but lately the site's been down so you'll have to try and get a print copy. Write him and send $3 for an issue at:

P.O. Box 8284
Madison, WI 53708-8284

Lackluster zine

Okay..this isn't online yet..but it SHOULD be!

Lackluster is an excellent zine out of San Francisco filled with interviews of blue collar folks trying to make a living..some disgruntled and some actually, well...happy! The issue I have has interviews with a paramedic, hospital switchboard operator, bagel painter and an apprentice taxidermist! I HIGHLY suggest reading an issue. You can send $3 for the latest issue to:

Amy Balkin and James Harbison
456 14th Street, Apt. #8
San Francisco, CA 94103

.posemodern zine

I first saw this zine for sale in an upscale book store in San Francisco. I was drawn to it by the editors - Amy Bourne and Jennifer Sullivan - who decided to start a voicemail number for disgruntled (and happy) workers to leave messages and tell their stories. While some essays in the zine address the complaints from under-appreciated interns and blue-collar Joes, other articles such as "Graveyard Shift" are poetic and addictive to read! If you want a copy of this amazing zine write Amy and Jennifer here:

P.O. Box 475332
San Francisco, CA

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