Relationships 101:
Dating Tips for Complete Freaks

by Bonnie Burton

Everyone seems to think they have the best dating advice. Your mom tells you to smile with your lips closed so he won't notice your crooked teeth. Your best pal suggests you try not to bite your nails and spit them back into the popcorn bag during the movie. And your sister thinks you should avoid telling him your diatribe about why tampons should be free to the public.

Of course, not all advice is going to help lost souls in the dating realm. Some of us need a lot more help than others. If you happen to be completely clueless when it comes to dating, don't worry. Just follow these handy suggestions for wooing the innocent bystander.

Following these idiot-proof tips may not get you an instant boyfriend, but at least you'll have the chance of second date. Advice is only helpful from what you make of it. So have fun, and try not to ask him for any loans during dessert.

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