Grrl Zine - Issue #7 GRRL #7 - Lucha Libre Wrestling issue

This time, GRRL pays tribute to weird stuff mostly about Mexican wrestling, otherwise known as Lucha Libre.

Here's what Giant Robot had to say about this issue:

"In the wrestling issue, there's an interview with 
an Incredibly Strange Wrestler, the maker of Sonambulo,
an Andre the Giant Has a Posse dispatch and some great
wrestling stories. One writer practiced the Camel
Clutch on his girlfriend. And then there's Andy Kaufman."

ISSUE #7 Lucha Libre/Wrestling:

So You Wanna Be a Professional Wrestler?
A Social and Psychological Explanation of Andre the Giant Has a Posse
Bonding Over King Kong Bundy
In the Ring with Andy Kaufman
Grrl Love Tor
Incredibly Strange Wrestling photo essay
Rasslin' the Web
Hell to Pay with Counte Dante
Tell Somambulo Your Dreams
Lucha Libre Lingo
The History of Mexican Wrestling
Wrestle for the Popcorn
The Greatest Show on Earth
Superbarrio Roams Mexico City
Testimonial of an Unredeemed Pro-Wrestling Addict
The Camel Clutch

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