Relationships 101:
Hittin' the books with your guy

by Bonnie Burton

Studying for your final exam on the importance of the Civil War can be downright dull, especially if you're all alone with nothing but a pencil sharpener to keep you company. Then you remember that your boyfriend is a total history buff, and seems to do pretty well when you're watching Jeopardy together. So why not invite him to be your new study buddy?

However, don't get all giddy with anticipation of having the cutest tutor around help you with your homework quite yet. First read these handy tips to determine if you'll actually be able to concentrate on your studies more than you concentrate on his pretty blue eyes.

Make a list of questions.
This will actually help you stay on track during your study session. It's easy to sidetrack from studying algebra when you'd rather ask him his opinion on his favorite characters from The Simpsons.

Study somewhere quiet.
If your little brother plans on playing a marathon round of Tomb Raider in the living room, go somewhere else or head for the public library. As much fun as it is to have him in your house to help you study, it won't be much use if your parents are chatting with him or if the family dog jumps up and down for his attention.

Don't play dumb.
The worse thing you can do is pretend you need help with a subject when you really don't, just so you can spend extra time with him. Contrary to popular myth, guys don't really dig dumb chicks. And he'll probably catch on to your Little Miss Know Nothing act pretty fast. So if you honestly need help, ask for it. If you don't, maybe you can tutor HIM instead.

Be patient.
Just because your boyfriend is a whiz at physics, doesn't mean he'll make an amazing teacher. When you ask for his help, don't expect him to teach you everything you've ignored from your real teacher all semester. Make an effort to really pay attention to what he's saying and cut him some slack if he can't quite explain chaos theory to your liking.

Take notes.
Instead of just nodding your head whenever he speaks, try writing some of this wisdom down. If you take notes it not only looks like you're serious about studying, but it will help you remember what he explained so you don't have to ask twice.

Avoid taking too many breaks.
Studying can be a lot of hard work, so it's wise to take a couple of breaks to rest your mind. But be sure your breaks don't take up more time than the actual studying. Time sure flies when you're both making guacamole dip instead of conjugating French verbs.

If you still find yourself daydreaming more about his perfect smile than working on the task at hand, you might be better off studying with someone who doesn't sweep you off your feet. Meet with a gal pal, or sign up for a tutor through school.

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