Jacob Appelbaum

I met Jacob not too long ago at a dinner party hosted by my dear gal pal Erika Heald. He's one hell of a conversationalist and a bonafide tech head.... and yeah, he's a hottie (duh).

He's currently on a world tour, so if you see him in your neck of the woods, go see his breathtakingly-beautiful photography which will probably be hanging in some fancy-schmancy gallery. Either that, or he's there at some conference on a panel chatting about activism and how we can actually accomplish something while we're on this little planet.

This is what his bio read at his first of many art shows:

"Jacob Appelbaum is a native of San Francisco, California. He spends his time traveling as a critical thinker in the field of network security. He focuses his time working with positive progressive goal oriented activists who work for a better planet. In April his travels will be taking him to Turkey and into Iraq for a vacation. He almost always carries his camera with him."

To read more about his regular adventures and see more of his stunning photography visit his blog here.

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