Sure everyone likes to get interesting stuff in the mail. I'm no exception. I have a long history of sending oddly decorated packages and bizarre envelopes to my family and friends.

There's an entire art movement dedicated to sending out creative mail called Mail Art or also known as Correspondence Art. All you need is some rubber stamps, a few envelopes and a vivid imagination.

Artists like Ray Johnson, John Held Jr., Anna Banana and others paved the way for us all to enjoy perplexing our mail carriers and inspire each other to share our art through the postal system.

If you'd like to swap funky mail art with other folks, do yourself a favor and visit You can sign up to receive journals, minibooks, altered books, craft projects and more. Or start your own project and watch people sign up to participate in a flash. Some projects include weird topics like a scary clown memory journal and a condiments tribute book!

Take a moment to enjoy this gallery of mine,
and email me if you'd like to trade some mail art!