winning bid!!!

Little Miss No Name dolls

This week my best winning purchase was a Little Miss No Name Doll. These were made in the 1960s, and were modeled after Walter Keane's paintings of big-eyed waifs starving for food and attention. These dolls are kind of sick when you really look at them. The doll originally was sold wearing a brown burlap sack dress and has a detachable tear coming out of one eye - as if to say in a crying tone, "Buy me or I'm doomed forever."

Of course, if you can find one of these dolls, still with the tear, it's worth big bucks. It's rumored that if you find a Little Miss No Name still in the box, unopened, it's worth a hefty $100,000 to collectors!

But I've only been able to buy these dolls from $35-60 each. So far I have three lurking in my apartment.

I was in a vicious bidding war for this particular doll. Maybe it's because she still had the tear and I was willing to fight down online grandmas for her. I started at $25, but ten minutes before the auction ended, I got outbid over and over again by some pesky collector. *sigh*

Anyway, after strategic clicking and bidding thoughtful dollar amounts, I won this Little Miss No Name doll for $60.