phreaky phun

August 2, 1996

Marijuana Facts For Teens
Yes, you will order many late night pizzas. No, you won't see ants crawling out of your skin.

Cirque du Soeil
Art school kids, street performers and circus pros make up this French performance group. They are the ones to blame for the weird Olympics opening ceremony.

The Slighty Less Than Official Spork Homepage
Why use conventional utensils when you can eat with plastic sporks? Check out the handy "Guy Eating Ramen with a Spork" video.

She's A Cyborg
Next time you commit murder, say your screw was loose.

Alien Drawings
Crayola and hypnotism can really produce some nice refrigerator portraits.

The World's Deadliest Drug
Put that martini down! Only Jesus can quench that thirst!

Virgin Mary in a Washcloth
Pope on a rope can't beat this.

Acme Flea Circus
How do they make those little bicycles for them?

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