July 31, 1998

Jump the Shark
Ever wonder what pivotal scene sucked the life out of your favorite show? Was the Flintstones going downhill when they introduced the green martian Gazoo into the story line? Did Bewitched hit an early grave when they changed Darrens on us? When Fonzie started to jump sharks with his motorcycle, was Happy Days doomed to be cheesy? Vote for the shows you think started to sink, or read about the scapegoats who destroyed the shows we used to love.

The Anagram Genius Server
How many different words can you make out of the letters in your name? You might be surprised at the results. Plug in anybody's name, and the server will give you plenty of bizarre phrases.

Ben Chapman as the Creature from the Black Lagoon
You remember Ben don't you? He had green scales, beady eyes, big lips and gills. Ben played Gillman in one of the best cult classic monster movies around - The Creature from the Black Lagoon. On this site you'll read trivia about the flick, see pictures of him in costume, and read about his career.

Bad Fads
What do ouija boards, Cabbage Patch dolls, mood rings and 8-track tapes have in common? They were all bad fads. Interestingly enough, these bad fads are still slightly trendy even now among the Gen-X set. Read the brief histories of these weird items, as well as bad fashion, activities and events.

Gory Glory Hallelujah
How much punishment can a Beanie Baby endure? The staff members at Westword thought it was their duty to abuse a Beanie Baby, specifically the All-Star "Glory" Beanie Baby. Check out the photos of poor Glory being dragged by cars, run over by a steam roller, hung from a tree, poked with pins and burned with cigarettes.

How to Drive Like a Moron
If you lose I.Q. points as soon as you get behind the wheel, then this site's meant for you! Discover all the different ways to misinterpret road signs, misuse headlights and create accidents. Remember - ignorance of the law is a regular excuse.

Feed Celine
Celine Dion may have a terrific singing voice, but some of us are concerned about her weight - or lack of it. Here's a site completely dedicated to Celine and rumors that she might have an eating disorder. Read what angry fans have to say, or state your own food-inspired message.

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