August 28, 1998

Space Ghost News
If you're tired of the typical celebrity interview, perhaps you should watch the animated genius that is Space Ghost. It's amazing how comfortable stars seem to be when they're interviewed by a cartoon superhero. Read transcripts of past interviews, and watch video clips from past shows.

Dermatology Cinema
Even the most talented actors have skin problems. Film buff and dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese watches movies very closely. In fact, so closely that he can tell you which actors have the worse acne in show business. The site also critiques movies that use skin conditions to convey evil.

The Pac-Man Page
Eat up those dots before the ghosts get ya! This site pays homage to one of the best video games in history - Pac-Man. Learn about Pac-Man clones, or cheat like an old pro with the strategy and tricks section. There are even the entire lyrics to Pac-Man Fever.

How many times do you find yourself not hearing the phone ring because you've got the blender going? With blenderphone, your problem is solved. This unusual phone's ringer is actually the blender motor, which pulses like a telephone bell. To answer the phone, you pick up the pitcher base and hold it to your ear. The only problem is that you might spill whatever is in the pitcher if you answer the phone at the wrong angle. It's a good thing this company didn't make a blender alarm clock. Imagine how painful it would be if you tried to hit the snooze button!

WWWF Grudge Match
Who would win in a fight, the Thundercats or the Masters of the Universe? Would you put your money down on Daffy or Donald Duck? This site explores how certain characters, when pitted against each other, can make for an amusing battle. After all, wouldn't you like to see the Spice Girls and the Village People rumble?

Toiletology 101
Do you dread flushing your toilet in fear that it will overflow with a vengeance? Does owning a plunger give you a false sense of security? Now you can fix your own toilet without making embarrassing phone calls to the plumber. On Toiletology 101, you'll learn all you need to know about the care and repair of your porcelain throne. Figure out how a toilet works, or test for leaks. You'll even discover how a toilet flushes and what to do in a emergency. Happy flushing!

Bzzurkk! The Thesaurus of Champions
If you need another word for crash or boom, this is the place. I'm not sure if the spelling of skrawwwk is correct for a bird sound, but there are plenty of other sound-effect spellings here if you're stumped. The longest sections happen to be cries or terror and explosion sounds. Go figure.

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