Sept. 18, 1998

How Stuff Works
Are you curious to see how smoke detectors work? Confused about why bread rises? Baffled by nuclear radiation? Now some of your most perplexing questions can be answered on the How Stuff Works site. Broken down into categories such as engines, electronics, food, digital technology and others, the site explains basic principles for just about everything. However, this site still won't tell you where the socks that disappear in your dryer go.

Postcards from Prison
Having a bad day? At least you're not serving time in the big house. Send your friends and family members an uplifting message with a rather depressing image from the Postcards from Prison site. The images include photos of characters from prison movies as well as illustrations from the history of prison life.

The Museum of Counter Art
Jazz up your Web site with a creative counter from the Museum of Counter Art site. Here you'll find counters made from playing cards, snowmen, waffles, turkeys or lottery balls. The site also has a stylish selection of counters if you want to be Mr. Serious.

Dating Patterns Analyzer
Tired of dating the same jerks? Maybe you need to break the cycle by figuring out why you fall for the same set of losers with this handy Dating Patterns Analyzer. Here you'll fill out a simple survey to determine what makes you happy. You might be surprised by the results.

Introduction to Reading Music
So you wanna be a rock star? You better learn how to read music first. On this site you'll get the basics about time signatures and types of notes and rests. You might not become a regular Tori Amos in the first lesson, but with practice you could be playing tunes at the next office party.

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