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Trick Or Treat Special Edition
October 25, 1996

I Was a Media Dupe
Perceived as "a corps of ambulance chasers," the media is often the most frequent target of hoaxes. Read one journalist's story on being duped by the Church of Kurt Cobain.

Pranksta's Paradise
Here's a plethora of pranks at your finger tips. Learn how to color your roommate purple while he sleeps or butter all the doorknobs at a party so no one can leave. Broken down into sections such as cars, bathrooms, drunks, roommates, computers and phones, everyone is sure to find a prank to fit his imagination.

Candy USA
Bubble gum, peppermints and chocolate, oh my! This site claims, "new research confirms that there is no link between candy consumption and hyperactivity in children." Say that to any mother after her 6-year-old child just devoured 16 Pixie Sticks. Lots of trivia and fun animations for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

The Quasi-Comprehensive Candy Bar Wrapper Image Archive
It's okay to judge a candy by its cover. Sometimes the wrapper can be more important than the chocolatey goodness inside. Take a gander at wrappers to such popular treats as Snickers, Nerds, Sweet Tarts and Kit-Kats.

Halloween Tricks and Treats
Get tips on how to have a black light party or cook up some nice edible eyeballs. Don't get mixed up between an evil spirit and a friendly apparition when you can look up paranormal terms in the Glossary of Ghosts. Be sure to read poems and stories about pumpkins written by grade school students.

The Easter Egg Archive
Programmers like to leave a mark on their product in the form of Easter eggs. If you're a smart kid you may find them easily, but the rest of us need hints to find these little tricks. The archive has tips on how to have fun with your Newton message pad and cheat at the game SimCity2000. The Hall of Tortured Souls in Excel wins as the best software Easter egg hands down.

Bob Sokol and Amyl on Stupid Pet Tricks
Can your cat meow the national anthem or can your iguana ride a little bike? Bob thought his dog, Amyl, had true talent and got him a spot on The Late Show with David Letterman. Read Bob's tale of canine stardom and see what trick Amyl did that was so amazing.

Jelly Belly
These chewy treats have been appreciated by kids and presidents alike. Learn how to ask for some pink grapefruit jelly beans in French or drool over 40 different Jelly Belly Flavors.

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