Sept. 25, 1998

Lenore isn't your typical evil, little, dead girl. She makes Wednesday Addams look downright normal. SpookyLand is home to Lenore and other creepy comic book characters created from the twisted mind of Roman Dirge. Read sample strips of Lenore, or see what kinds of scary children's stories Roman is drawing while the rest of us sleep.

The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin site
If you commute to work every day, you'll probably rubberneck at the aftereffects of a car wreck at some point. But do you see the wreckage and often wonder what exactly happened? On the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin site, you'll learn how to piece together what happened in an accident just by looking at the dents in the car. Go to the Approach Angles section of the site to see case-by-case studies of accidents. There's even a section on what skid-mark lengths can tell you about a particular accident.

The Ultimate Jackie Chan Video Vault
Jackie Chan is more than an amazing action star - he's an actor who doesn't mind breaking every bone in his body to get a good shot. Any fan of Jackie Chan's work will get a kick out of this site. See video clips of the best fighting scenes in his most recent movies such as Mr. Nice Guy and First Strike. Send a Jackie Chan postcard to a pal, or read about all of Jackie's injuries during filming on the Interactive Injury Interface.

License Plates of the World
So you're driving along the highway and you see a weird license plate with a palm tree on it. The car might not be from Hawaii but Argentina. Check the License Plates of the World site to see what kinds of plates have interesting logos or sayings. So far the coolest one is still "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania."

North American Bird Sounds
Do you like waking up to the sounds of cheerful little birds sitting on your windowsill every morning? Or do you find the way ducks quack to be charming? Perhaps you should visit the North American Bird Sounds site to listen to sound files of birds all day. You can choose from water birds, birds of prey, crows, finches, wrens, blackbirds and many more. Irritate your coworkers with a continuous loop of woodpecker sounds, or try to figure out the Mystery Bird of the Day.

Mutant Makeover
Want a makeover that will make people in the street stop and stare? See what happens when someone gets bored and has a copy of Photoshop. Normal people and couples become mutant freaks, thanks to this bizarre makeover site.

Morse Code Translator
Sometimes I just want to quit work and .--- --- .. -. / - .... . / -.-. .. .-. -.-. ..- ... .-.-.-. If you knew Morse Code, you'd see that what I just said was complete gibberish. Go to the Morse Code Translator and type in any old sentence. When you submit it, the words are translated into morse code, and you can hear the actual beeps.

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