Oct. 16, 1998

Keith's Pumpkin Portrait Page
How would you like to see your face carved into a pumpkin? It's pretty easy if you have the right software. On this site, you'll find images of random people and a few celebrities. Imagine how creepy your house would look with a Clinton pumpkin sitting in the window!

The Web Adventures of Mulder and Scully
Someone just took playing with their action figures to a whole new level. See the action figures of F.B.I. agents Mulder and Scully take on monsters that the real-life characters wouldn't be brave enough to face. Think Barney. Some of the most interesting episodes have titles such as Eggplant 9 from Outer Space and A Boy and His Cow.

Forbes 400 Richest People in America
Okay so this site isn't that phreaky. But you have to admit that knowing the top 400 richest people in America could come in handy. Search by marital status to see if you can snag a billionaire through wedlock. A lot of those old fellas are single. Or search by self-made millionaires versus people born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Immortalizing the Moment
You might know of Jhonen Vasquez from the ever popular comic book series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, but did you know he has a whole slew of other comic titles? On this fan site, you'll find information about Jhonen's other creatures such as Happy Noodle Boy, Wobbly Headed Bob and Squee.

Biology of the Family Chiaceae
Just in case you're wondering, the Family Chiaceae are more commonly known as Chia Pets. See images of Chias in both their animal and plant stages. Study the generalized Chia life cycle chart or read about possible evolutionary ideas of the Chia.

Need a cheap way to tell your friends that you're thinking about them? Go to Cardmaster for a wide array of greetings for all kinds of holidays and occasions. There are even special sections for sports and dog lovers.

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