Nov. 20, 1998

X-Project Paranormal Magazine
Think of X-Project Paranormal Magazine as the CNN of weird news reports. Read all the UFO reports you can handle. Or skip the aliens and go straight to recent stories of ghost sightings. There's even a Skeptic Net section for those of us less convinced of the unknown.

Good Times
With the recent passing of actress Esther Rolle, one can't help but remember the TV show Good Times. Who could forget the lanky ego-comedian J.J.? Or his sassy sister Thelma? Airing in the mid-'70s, the show tried to realistically show how an African-American family living in the projects of Chicago dealt with such topics as the energy crisis, forced busing and civil rights protests. Visit this site for episode guides, quotes, trivia and an image gallery. Dyn-o-mite!

Cyberair Airpark Chicago Approach
Are you one of those people who like to listen to the air traffic controllers' transmissions when you're on the plane? Now you don't even have to be near the airport to hear the same dialogue. On Cyberair Airpark Chicago Approach, you can tune in to the IFR arrivals and departures for the west subsurban satellite airports of O'Hare. All that's missing to make this site more enjoyable are the little packets of roasted peanuts.

History of Country Music
There's a heck of a lot more to country music than Garth Brooks. Read about such pioneers of country music as Gene Autry, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr., Left Frizzell and others. The site has historical information on the genre throughout the decades, complete with audio files of some of the more memorable songs.

The Powerpuff Girls
Mix sugar and spice and everything, um, not so nice, and you've got the Powerpuff Girls. Think of them as little-girl superheroes who fight evil monkeys and other villians. The Powerpuff Girls could be the cutest trio of crime fighters we've seen on TV. Click on the Favorites section to meet Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. Watch video clips in the Department of Cartoons area. And get some happy icons for your computer from the Downloadables area. See why this tiny trio can really pack a punch!

The Classic Typewriter Page
Before we had these fancy-shmancy computers, there were word processing machines called typewriters. They were loud and messy, and if you misspelled a word you had to start all over again. This site pays homage to those clunky things with photos, historical information and a FAQ.

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