Jan. 22, 1999

The Big List of Movie Mistakes
If you're a stickler for consistency in movies, you're going to love this site. The Big List of Movie Mistakes explains even the most minor of errors in popular movies like Ace Ventura and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Most of the mistakes are small technical issues, like props being in the wrong place or cars changing colors during chase scenes. But then some movies have bizarre mistakes, as in A Christmas Carol where you can see stagehands smoking in the background, or as in the Wizard of Oz where you see Dorothy sneaking out of the clouds into a trap door.

The International Clown Hall of Fame
Everybody loves a clown, right? See what it takes to be a good enough entertainer to be featured in the International Clown Hall of Fame. This site has everything from an article on the history of clowning to photos of famous clowns such as Red Skelton and Otto Griebling. Check out the Types of Clowns section to learn the difference between an auguste clown and a character clown.

In the mood for a party? On Festivals.com, you can find a festival to join near you. Get the dirt on San Antonio's Mud Festival, where people are encouraged to make mud pies and, of course, wrestle. Then there's the Wings Over Willcox Sandhill Crane Celebration in Wilcox, Ariz., where people gather to watch the spectacle of thousands of cranes in their winter habitat. Search for a festival by genre, or see how you can register your own event.

Huge Magazine
Imagine a funky Web zine dedicated to art, photography and comics, and you have Huge Magazine. One of the best sections of the site has got to be the unusual desktop patterns. If your mind and computer both need a facelift, this is the link to click.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society
If there's one thing we as a people need to start preserving, it's traffic cones. When was the last time you saw a squished up piece of orange plastic abandoned by the side of the road during construction? Now is the time to stand up for the rights of our silent, orange brothers. The site has a handy field guide to help you locate common and rare cones alike.

When you can't stand the heat, get out of the burning building! Firehouse.com is one of the best online magazines written for and by firefighters. Read about major fires in the news, or check out the image archive for a collection of terrifying rescues.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
Though it's considered to be the most important seat in the house, not many of us pay proper homage to the toilet. At the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, you'll finally understand the importance of the john when you see how far it has evolved from the age of the outhouse. The site has interesting trivia, including information about Queen Victoria's toilet that was decorated in gold! Be sure to browse through the toilet gallery to admire some of the more ancient seats.

The Multi-Cultural Recycler
If you hit the reload button enough, you might create a masterpiece. The Multi-Cultural Recycler grabs images from live Web cams across the Net and recycles them to make odd little collages. Every time you refresh the page, wait a few moments and you'll get a brand new piece of art.

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