Feb. 5, 1999

Fading Ad Campaign
Back before the Web and TV, many companies thought advertising their products on the sides of buildings could reach the consumer masses. The Fading Ad Campaign pays tribute to old advertising murals that are slowing chipping away on historic or abandoned buildings.

Ice Pick
It's not every day you can wander through someone's home from the safety of your computer. At Ice Pick you can watch people ringing the front doorbell and grabbing food out of the fridge. Every time someone throws out an item from the fridge, he or she scans the barcode so you can see what it is. There's even a tracker on the cat to see when it's eating.

Gobler Toys
Sometimes the coolest toys are the ones in our heads. Gobler Toys has online ads for some of the weirdest toys, but they don't actually exist - darn! You'll dig this parody site if you like toys that are a little on the twisted side. For example, wouldn't it be fun to have a style-your-own-mustache Fu Manchu doll? Or the Komrade Kluck chicken doll that has a choppable head? Or the cockroach cowboy action figure?

Sony Entertainment Robots
Who needs a messy dog that barks in the middle of the night and needs to go for walks, when you could be master to the Sony Entertainment Robot? The Dr. Frankensteins at Sony D21 Lab have created a robot that acts like a real Fido. Check out the Quicktime video clips of the new robots playing and dancing.

The Cracker Jack Box
The best part of eating Cracker Jacks is finding the toy surprise inside. This collectors site shows you all the different kinds of prizes you could have gotten if you were addicted to this tasty popcorn snack over the years. There's also a special horoscope section for real fans.

Fight the Fingerprint
Paranoid about government-sanctioned biometrics? A tad nervous about the possibility that we'll all be forced to be implanted with identification chips in the near future? You should visit the Fight the Fingerprint site to read up on all the latest news about tracking research. This site has information on the varying regulations for getting driver's licenses in each state, as well as articles on what those numbers on your social security card really mean.

Jean Harlow's Platinum Page
In the Golden Age of film, there were only a few true blonde bombshells. Jean Harlow was one of them. On this fan site, you'll find lots of glamorous photos of the tragic actress as well as a biography and various interviews. The site also has information on Jean Harlow-related movie memorabilia as well as a myriad of sound files for you to download.

Cult of Angels
If you need an artistic Goth makeover, this is the place. The photos here are simple pictures that have been transformed into beautiful, ethereal portraits. Click on the gallery link to see how basic photos can be made into pieces of art.

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