March 5, 1999

The Spud Gun Technology Center
A potato can be a very dangerous vegetable - especially when it's transformed into a spud gun. These starchy weapons are pretty easy to construct out of household materials. This site shows you how to build your very own spud gun, complete with a fuel injection system.

Armour Fresh Pork
Pork chops sure have a lot of personality. Just check the Armour Fresh Pork site for the proof. The site's kids section has an interactive coloring book and online postcards complete with a dancing pork chop cartoon character.

Space Age Pop Music Standards
If you're tired of listening to the same old music, try tuning in to Space Age Pop Music Standards. This site is your guide to an unusual music genre. Learn about the top ten Space Age Pop Music records, such as Ritual of the Savage by Les Baxter, Exotica by Martin Denny and Latin-esque by Juan Garcia Esquivel. This guide also has other sections you need to read to be a space age expert, like Oddball Instrumentalists and Perdurable Percussion Platters.

Ye Olde English Sayings
Do you know where commonly used phrases like "giving someone the cold shoulder" or "getting a square meal" comes from? On the Ye Olde English Sayings site you'll find out interesting facts behind the phrases. For example, the phrase "a frog in your throat" comes from medieval physicians who believed that the secretions of a frog could cure a cough if they were coated on the throat of the patient. The frog was placed in the mouth of the sufferer and remained there until the physician decided that the treatment was complete. You might be surprised where the saying "saving face" comes from.
Remeber Corey Feldman? He was one of those teen actors in the '80s who gained stardom with roles in such movies as The Goonies and The Lost Boys. But then he disappeared from the limelight almost as quickly as he appeared. Check out Corey Feldman's fan site for information on what he's up to now. The best section to visit has to be the photo album, where Corey shows off his '80s fashion sense.

Real Age
You might be 30 years old but act like a 60-year-old due to your behavior and unhealthly habits. On the Real Age site, take a survey to see if you are acting your age, and get information on how to feel and look younger! Apparently, some key tricks for taking years off your age include flossing every day and taking vitamin E.

Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
If you wish you could research topics seen on The X-Files, then this magazine is for you. Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies archives reports of unusual incidents in archaeology, astronomy, biology, geology, geophysics, mathematics, psychology and physics.

About names
Sometimes the first impression people have of you comes after they hear your name for the first time. Often, the more unusual the name, the more that people may consider you to be a creative, interesting person. So if you know someone who's looking for an unusual name for his or her baby, go to this site. The names here are listed in alphabetical order by gender with their pronounciations and meanings. Perhaps a parent-to-be would like to name her girl Barika, which is Swahili for "bloom." Or for a boy, the name Keefe is Gaelic for "lovable and handsome." Look up your own name to see what it means.

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