March 19, 1999

Unclaimed Baggage Center
Someone's lost luggage is another person's bought treasure. If you want to buy people's unclaimed baggage, then this is the place to go. Here you can purchase abandoned toys, clothes, books, electronics, sporting goods, videos and more. The oddest items for sale included a Mexican grass hat and a new wedding dress. Sounds like some someone lost luggage on their honeymoon!

Javascript 8-ball
Is an important question plaguing your happiness? Do you need answers quick? Ask the Javascript all your pressing queries, and before you know it you'll be getting fateful responses such as "Signs point to yes" and "Don't count on it."

Allyson's Ultimate Compendium of One-Named People
Some people are so cool they don't need a last name. This is a list of all those celebrities and pop culture icons whom we only know by one name. Can you guess who ended up in Z? Hint - he always carries his sword.
Nothing's more fun than sending friends coded messages. will bring out the Sherlock Holmes in all of us. Use the tool to scramble messages, or descramble secret messages sent to you.

Forward of the Day
If you work in an office, you probably are constantly subjected to a wide array of forwarded jokes and email virus hoaxes. Now you can find them all in one spot. Lucky you. Forward long-drawn out jokes of the weeks to your pals.

The Official Jet-Li site
Jet Li is probably one of the best-known martial arts master in cinema around. You probably remember him from his brief part as the bad guy in Lethal Weapon 4, but did you know he's been in tons of movies filmed in China? He also has been studying the finer points of martial arts since he was the wee lad of 6. Find out all about Jet Li's kickin' career in this Shockwave-enhanced site.

Slave Labor Comics
Comic book junkies who like underground titles such as Hectic Planet and Dork will thank their lucky stars for Slave Labor Comics. This independent publisher sells its best selection of cult favorite reads online! Not only can you buy comics, but the folks at Slave Labor know you wanna gossip about the comic book creators as well, so they have a news section just for the curious. There's also a chat room so you can meet other fans.

If normal IQ tests make you queasy, perhaps you should take a test best suited for your talents. On Densa you can find out what kind of person you are by answering questions about what kind of candy you eat. Of course, the site has a super-easy quiz to make you feel smarter than you probably are.

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