April 2, 1999

This To That
Do you need to stick a leather patch to your metal locker, but can't decide which adhesive to use? Or perhaps you want to glue a plastic toy to the side of wooden kitchen cabinets? This To That shows you what kind of tape or glue you need to stick just about anything to anything else.

Make a creative ransom note with this handy Cheese-O-Matic site. You choose any message, and the translator writes the phrase with cheese spray on crackers. Think of the possibilities! You could propose to your beloved with images of snack crackers.

Musicvideos.com might not be that phreaky, but it sure is cool. Watch videos using Windows Media Player. There are tons of artists to choose from, including Garbage, Queen, Primus, 98 Degrees and more.

Stupid Candy
Some candy products are just plain silly. Imagine if you had a lollipop in the form of a telephone headset? Or building blocks that you could eat? On the Stupid Candy site, you'll be given a tour of some of the more inane treats on the market. One of my favorites is the edible pencil erasers. Yum!

Shredder 101
Sick of your Web site or someone else's? Want to vent your frustrations without resorting to hackers-for-hire? Send the site to the shredder. All you have to do is type in the URL of the intended site, and the shredder shows you what it would look like if it was pushed into a virtual woodcutter. Sometimes the sites look better after they've been shredded.

Modern Moist Towelette Collecting
People will collect just about anything - no matter how bizarre. Case in point, the Modern Moist Towelette Collecting site. The gallery has images of towelettes you might be handed when flying on a plane. Others are from famous resturants such as KFC, Big Boy and Red Lobster.

The Universe Of Bagpipes
You haven't heard real music until you've heard the wondrous sounds of the bagpipe. On this site, you can click on the images of bagpipes and go to personal sites of the folks who play them. You can also listen to music samples of each bagpipe pictured.

The Quest of the Cheese Man
Here's a little Shockwave game where Cheese Man must collect food for points. The weird thing is that this superhero eats more fruit than cheese. In fact,the only thing cheesy about him is his outfit.

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