April 16, 1999

Isabel the Cat Behaviorist
Is your cat moody? Has he lost that feline spark? Perhaps he's just depressed. Or maybe you're not listening to him in the right way. Isabel can help. Think of her as a kitty psychologist. She's here to decipher what your cat is trying to say in between the meows.

Retro Halloween Masks
Just because Halloween is a long way off doesn't mean you can't stock up on masks now. Retro takes a gander at some of the cooler vintage masks around. Check out masks of little boys, girls, evils, cats and deer. Truly bizarre. Print out a mask and wear it right now!

Thumb Wars
This isn't really a site per se. It's more like an unusual little ad for a movie about Star Wars done with thumbs. With all this Star Wars movie hype, you can't say you didn't see this coming!

Cracker Jack
As far as commercial sites go, this one is a dandy. If you have Shockwave, you'll be able to see swirly images galore. Check out the history behind the funky prizes, or play cool games. Yummy!

It's almost the same thing as fearing for your life in the back of a speeding cab. Live vicariously through the Cab Cam, or read about New York's No. 1 cabbie Clever Da Silva and his new book, New York City from a Cab Driver's Point of View.

Official Ben Affleck site
We don't think Ben created this site all by his lonesome. But if he did and this acting gig doesn't work out, he'll always have a future in Web design! The official site has everything you'd want to know about Ben's career, love life and then some. Read articles about his latest movies, or chat with other fans on his message board. Of course, the site also has tons of photos for you to drool over. Hubba, hubba.

Pop History Now
You might be surprised to see how news events transformed music of the time and possibly vice versa. On Pop History Now, you can get a glimpse of what was shaking people up and what was on the music charts at the time. The site also lists which movies debuted, as well as any major sporting events. Be sure to listen to the Real Audio report of the site!

Death By Curry
How hot is hot? Want to find out? Death By Curry shows you how to spice up your favorite dishes with the best ingredient in the galaxy - curry! Search the database for recipes based on curry strength and type. There's vegan recipes too for those of you who want to be animal-free in your dining experiences.

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