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November 15, 1996

Speed Racer fan site
Go Speed Racer, go! Before he sold out doing Volvo commercials, Speed Racer was one of the most popular Japanese animated cartoon characters on television. He raced against the villains and had cool pals including a monkey. Download a video clip of Speed in action, or learn about his older brother, Racer X.

The Lynne Russell Resource
This CNN Headline News anchor is more than just the sultry gatekeeper of information. She also works as a volunteer deputy sheriff, a black belt in karate, a celebrity bodyguard and a private detective. This Peg Bundy look-alike also has a tattoo of a dragon.

Vivarin is as much a staple of any college student's diet as macaroni and cheese. The company's site has more to it than boring information on popping pills to stay awake. Discover if you're a temperamental tulip or a briar patch with the Vivarin Date-Ability Index.

The Ada Picture Gallery
Daughter of the legendary poet Lord Byron, Lady Augusta Ada Byron wrote the first ISO-standardized programming language for Charles Babbage's "analytical engine." She's considered by historians to be the world's first programmer.

Walk through the 3D halls of this gallery to see unusual paintings, drawings and comic books of roosters, tormented faces and Minotaurs.

The Unofficial Dr Pepper Page
With 39 milligrams of fat and rumored to have prune juice among its ingredients, Dr Pepper is an unusual soda to worship. The drink is named after a real doctor, but has no punctuation after the abbreviation because the original font made the letter r look too much like a colon. If you live in Waco, Texas, you can visit the Dr Pepper museum.

Nihon Sumo Kyokai
Who knew that big fat men in diapers pushing each other out of a circle would be such a popular sport? Take a trip to the Sumo Museum for video images of bouts, or read an interview with the grand champion Takanohana Koji.

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