April 23, 1999

So you want to be a rock star, eh? Well, the first thing you're gonna need is a Rickenbacker guitar. Check out this commercial site for information on guitar models. Or take a tour of the factory to see how their guitars are made. See why famous musicians like The Who's Pete Townshend, the Bangles' Susanna Hoffs and Starcruncher's Ivan Garcia all rock out on Rickenbackers.

Pignose Amplifiers
Since you're looking at guitars, you might as well browse the amps! Visit Pignose Amplifiers for information on their retro-looking products. You can gaze into the beauty of a Pignose HOG 30 AC/DC bass amp, or imagine yourself rocking out on stage with a B-100 V Bass Amplifier combo.

Girl Geeks
Who ever said a girl can't be a geek never met Anita Borg or Ellen Pack. This site celebrates the XX side of computing. Read profiles about women who rule the Web and other areas of computer science, such as CrossWorlds Software CEO Katrina Garnett and Marimba CEO Kim Polese.

The Daily Message
Everyone needs an inspirational email message once in a while. Heck, some of us would be happy to get a good joke or some sports trivia too! The Daily Message does just that. Have everything from Bible quotes to horoscopes sent to you daily.

Junk Food Mecca
We all eat things that aren't good for us. Sometimes the junk food has a longer shelf life than our car tires. If you're a junk food junkie, you'll dig this site listing every snack company online. The best part is looking up the nutritional value of our beloved muchies such as Funyons. Yum!

America's Most Wanted Hot Dog
This is one frightened weiner on the run. Why is everyone chasing down this hot dog? Did he rob a bank? Is he wanted for beating up some fries? Watch the commercials and animations to watch this poor fella run from being eaten. It's way too twisted for me to put into words.

The Fantastic Typing CyberMonkey
Monkeys are so smart. Especially CyberMonkey. He types and types and types. And sometimes it even makes sense.

Alien Empire
If bugs freak you out, whatever you do, don't click here! This is a beautiful yet insect-infested site created by the folks at Nature on PBS. Take a tour of a termite hive, or look inside the body of a bee. You're going to need Shockwave to appreciate this site. If you dig creepy crawlies, that is.

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