April 30, 1999

California Shipwrecks
If you live in California, grab your scuba gear and look for some gold coins on the ocean floor. This site shows you all the riches to be had underwater, if you know the right places to look. Read the articles about California shipwrecks, or watch videos about maritime history. Let your inner pirate free.

Can you holler like a pro? Maybe you should enter the National Hollerin' Contest in Spivey's Corner, N.C. Go to this site to see all the types of yelling you could do to get someone's attention. Listen to audio samples of country folk hollerin' their heads off. Don't giggle, this is an art after all.

North Carolina Moonshine
If you like your drinks to double as paint thinner, perhaps you should consider sipping on some homemade moonshine. Actually, this stuff is fairly nasty, and only old timers with stomachs lined with lead can gulp down these concoctions. This site has the history and recipes of the stuff grandpappy swore he'd never touch again.

Learn2 Tune a Guitar
Can't remember how to tune your guitar? Don't fret! (ha, ha) Let Learn2.com help you figure out which note is the one you want with this handy step-by-step guide. Learn2.com also has a ton of useful sections on everything from how to make chai, clean your computer, housebreak a puppy and whistle!

Ask Yoda
Instead of fighting all the Star Wars movie hype, why don't you completely give in and let Yoda tell you how to live your life? It's based on the same principal as the magic 8-ball - you ask Yoda a yes or no question, and he'll give you advice only a young Jedi knight can appreciate. Use the Force.

It was only a matter of time fans of the Andy Griffith Show would get their own church for worship. On BarneyFife.Com, you'll meet hometown folks who understand the true gospel behind episodes of this popular TV show. They discuss plot lines in their bible classes, and dissect the meanings in the teachings of Barney. Praise Mayberry!

Pizza Drivers Take Tips
It's not a easy job to be a pizza delivery guy. Imagine all the hungry, hostile people you have to give pizza to? Or what about the jerk who never tips? On this site you'll see first hand what it's like to be the dude who has to hand over your food. Maybe after reading his tales, you'll give him an extra dollar next time.

Hotel Chelsea
The Hotel Chelsea isn't just the ideal place for artists to hang out, it's also a historic landmark in New York pop culture history. It's where Sid Vicious' lady love, Nancy Spungeon, died as well as writer Dylan Thomas. Andy Warhol's pals shacked up here, including model Edie Sedgwick. And it's the place where any artist or writer wants to live. The lobby walls are filled with paintings from its inhabitants. And it's right across the street from Krispy Kreme donuts, so what more could you want?

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