May 14, 1999

Build Your Own Boba Fett
It's not every day you can build your very own intergalactic bounty hunter. Pick from all kinds of armor, jump suits, boots, helmets and accessories. Once you've built him, you can imagine him chasing down Hans Solo with Wookie scalps hooked on his belt. To see real Boba Fetts, visit the gallery section.

The Primate Care Postcard Center
Want to wish a sick pal well? Interested in sending a love letter with an ape as the illustration? The Primate Care Postcard Center is the place to hang out when you want to send friends and family monkey-related postcards. Choose from tamarins, gibbons, squirrel monkeys and more.

Burma Shave Slogans
Sometimes an ad campaign can become more famous than the product that it sells. Case in point, the Burma Shave road signs of the 1950s. Many of the red signs had one sentence written on each sign, so it was kind of a game to read on road trips. The site features 126 slogans in all. One of the best ones is, "These signs we gladly dedicate to the men who've had no date of late - Burma Shave."

Are you too annoying to make any real friends? Are you tired of trying to make idle chit chat with strangers at parties, hoping one of them will ask you out bowling sometime. Then ditch the real thing, and download a virtual friend. On Haptek you can choose from more than 60 pals who are all wanting to hang out with you - no matter how boring you are.

Kimchi Story
If you're a fan of Korean cuisine, you've probably eaten kimchi. This delicious cabbage comes in 200 varieties. And on this site you can learn all about the history behind this tasty treat, as well as recipes worth trying.

Retail Alphabet Game
The goal of this game is to guess the logos of a product just by seeing one letter in the name. The game isn't too hard if you've ever found yourself staring blankly in front of a grocery store or zoning out during TV commercials.

Mark's Apology Note Generator
If you're human, chances are you're going to upset a few people in your lifetime. In fact, if you tend to put your foot in your mouth a lot, you should bookmark this site. Mark's Apology Note Generator is a Web classic. You'd be surprised how many times you'll end up using this handy site. Just plug in key words, and the generator does all the groveling for you!

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