June 4, 1999

Joey's Desktop
Dawson's Creek is one of those shows with characters you can't help but feel for. Joey Potter is one of them. Her on-again, off-again relationship with brooding Dawson Leery keeps fans coming back to the TV show week after week. Snoop around on her computer with this creative site. Built with the similar aspects as the official Dawson's Desktop, this site lets you read Joey's email to Dawson and her friend Pacey. You can also read entries in her journal or snoop into her chat transcripts.

Biopharm Leeches
Leeches sure do get a bad rap. Did you know that these squishy bloodsuckers gorge themselves up to five times their body weight? Or that a leech has 32 brains? And that there are 650 known species of leeches? Read fun trivia about these icky little creatures.

The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks
Do you "misuse" quotation marks on a regular basis to add emphasis? Maybe you just "think" quotation marks look cooler than putting words in italics. Do you often "find" yourself making the quotation marks sign with your fingers when you're mingling at parties or giving a presentation? Then you better visit this site to see how you're abusing the the punctuation system.

404 Research Lab
Sometimes finding yourself led astray from a missing link makes you run into the Not Found - 404 Error message. If you want to see how some people soften the blow of being lost, see alternative error messages at the 404 Research Lab. You might be amused at how entertaining it is to be in the wrong place.

Gilly's Auto Wreckers
Think Dukes of Hazzard. This site has a gallery of broken-down cars and trucks in a junkyard. How cool is that? This is what the Web is all about!

Her Majesty's Prison Service
If you're a Brit and you've been very bad, you go here. Granted, Her Majesty's Prison Service is no Riker's Island. But it's no Disneyworld either. This site gives you the latest in prision news, statistics and articles. Plus the site offers an email service that lets you know when new stuff is added to the site - just in case you're truly obsessed with the British prison system.

Jargon Scout
Do you find yourself in meetings wondering what your coworkers mean when they say "reverse egosurfing" and "innocent by-sender"? Don't worry, you're not alone. Most of us can't seem to keep up with all the buzzwords out there. Thanks to Jargon Scout, you can finally decode what everyone's spouting off about. Learn a few impressive words to use in your next job interview, or simply put together your own buzzword bingo game for the next company gathering.

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