June 11, 1999

Star Wars ASCIImation
Phantom Menance is a good flick, but it doesn't hold a light saber to the original Star Wars. Especially if the original is done in ASCII art animation. Relive your favorite Star Wars moments with this ASCII version of a true sci-fi classic. Storm troopers look even scarier when they're only made up on lines and dashes.

The Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts
There's something very magical about seeing a KISS pinball machine for the first time. On the Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts you'll find graffiti art, homemade robots and vintage pinball machines. Take a tour of their permanent collection!

Algy's Herb Page
When you have a sore throat, do you grab over-the-counter medicine first? Maybe you should consider a more natural way of healing yourself - with herbs. On Algy's Herb Page, there are are interesting message board postings about the medicinal properties of herbs such as garlic and St. John's wort. The site is mostly made up of postings from other people, so you can ask questions or get involved in discussions about growing herbs and where to buy them.

Trouser Press
Looking for side projects from your favorite musicians? Or maybe you just want to know the background history of bands like ABC, Too Much Joy, Skinny Puppy and others. On this site, you can do searches based on the artist, album, label or keyword. It's fun to see how many bands use the initials UK.

Creatabilitoys Museum
Do you remember the Hawaiian Punch guy? Or the Jolly Green Giant? If you love looking at advertising icons from yesteryear, you'll dig this site. There's loads of different mascots from cereal, frozen foods, soda drinks and even batteries in this museum. Try to find your favorite character on the shelves!

The Supernatural Dictionary
What's the difference between a zombie and a vampire? Do you know what divination really means? Now you have a reference book that can answer all your supernatural questions.

The American Drive-In Theatre
Nothing beats watching a movie under the stars. This site pays tribute to drive-in theatres across the U.S. with great coffee-table-book-quality photos. See a part of Americana that many folks want to see make a comeback.

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