June 18, 1999

Payphones of the World
So you've got change, now you just need a phone. Payphones of the World is a handy guide to finding a dial tone when you need it. Actually, it's more of a photo tribute to all the different kinds of public phones around the world. Click on a continent and see what pay phones look like in India as opposed to Canada.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
Space might be man's last great frontier, but how big is it anyway? And if the universe is expanding, what does that mean for us humble humans? Follow Stephen Hawking on his quest for knowledge and understanding with this highly informative Web site. It parallels his PBS special, which documents everything from the big bang theory to unsolved mysteries such as time travel and other inhabited galaxies.

Life in the Universe
While you're checking out Stephen Hawking's Universe site, you might as well visit his CD-ROM site, Life in the Universe. This site has summaries and links to topics we've all pondered late at night as we try not to think of our tiny contributions to the galaxy. Read about the Helix Nebula and Jovian moons, or browse topics like RNA replication and natural selection.

Save Homicide
Just because NBC pulled the plug on this popular detective show doesn't mean you have to give up the fight. Sign the petition to bring back Homicide: Life on the Street. Who knows, maybe your vote will be the one that counts!

Dynamite magazine fan site
Remember getting those Scholastic Book Order magazines at school each week? If you do, then you probably bought at least one issue of the kids magazine Dynamite. This site pays tribute to a publication that was so hip it often had the cast of Welcome Back Kotter and Charlie's Angels on its covers.

The Ginger People
Sugar and spice make everything nice, but did you know that ginger helps what ails you? Ginger is often used to help soothe motion sickness and as a natural preservative. The exotic spice also stimulates circulation and helps burn calories. Visit this site for tasty recipes and cooking tips.

Feeling Retro
Feeling kinda retro? Need a nostalgia fix? This site has a gallery of neato toys from yesteryear such as the eerie Little Miss No Name doll and the forever-loved Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle! The site also has links to special sites celebrating the fun stuff of the '70s and '80s like Wacky Packages, Odd Rods, FunnyFace drinks and more.

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