June 25, 1999

Austin Powers 2 Reference Guide
So you think you're an expert on the sequel to Austin Powers, do you? Perhaps you should refer to the Austin Powers 2 Reference Guide to see if you truly know your trivia. Did you know that the character of Mini-Me is in reference to The Island of Dr. Moreau? And also is a reference to the bald, silent, short butler who hangs with No. 6 in The Prisoner? Or that the secret base in the hollowed-out volcano refers to SPECTRE's secret base in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice? Some of the references do denote sexual puns, so if you're easily offended by blue humor, by all means don't click!

Gorilla Art
Not all artists need painting lessons. Apparently even an ape can be considered a watercolor master! On Gorilla Art you can walk through a virtual gallery of paintings made by Koko and Michael - the very same gorillas that were taught to communicate through sign language.

Heroic Bloodshed
If you like martial arts action films, you'll dig Heroic Bloodshed, a database of Hong Kong movies. Get all the information you can handle on your favorite stars like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and others.

Lost America Night Photography
You never know what's lurking in the shadows unless you take a picture! The Lost America Night Photography site gives you a special glimpse at things we overlook during the day, but become magical at night. Photo portraits include images of old refrigerators, abandoned churches, derelict gas stations and so much more. The site also has a special section on how to take your own night photos.

Seventies Teen Idol Postcards
Can't get enough of the teen heartthrobs from the '70s? Now you can send all your pals free postcards of stars like Rick Springfield, Leif Garrett, Tony Defranco, David Cassidy and others.

William Gibson Toolkit
William Gibson fans will appreciate this handy glossary of terms often used in this Cyberpunk author's works. The toolkit is broken down into notions, people and places. Pretty soon you'll know exactly what a Blue Nine is.

Maureen McCormick official site
Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! What ever happened to that perfect Brady Bunch sister? On her official site, you'll find out that Maureen McCormick has been releasing country albums and raising a family. In 1995, Maureen also starred in the Broadway revival of Grease. The site also has trivia about her life before the Bradys. Did you know that it was her voice that was used for the 20th century's first talking doll, Chatty Cathy?

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