July 30, 1999

Physics Limericks
Not all meaningful poetry has to be about love and pain. Sometimes it can be a simple ode to gravity or a tribute to Newton. This site mixes the beauty of prose with the admiration for science to bring readers a new appreciation for physics.

Mullets Galore
Some hairstyles have no excuse. You probably have seen a mullet if you've ever been to the Midwest or a monster truck rally. Often refered to as "hockey hair," this cut is short on top and long in the back. It's timeless in that everyone knows someone who has this haircut and isn't ashamed of it. Go to the site to see how many different types of mullets there are, from the permullet to the trashmullet.

Cows on Parade
What do you get when you ask a bunch of artists from Chicago to paint large statues of cows? Some truly unusual cattle scattered across the Windy City. These cows are painted with abstract shapes in neon colors, or used as the canvas for realistic landscape murals. It's fun to see how many different ways you can decorate a Holstein.

What's In Your Kitchen
Kraft wants to make sure you're not starving. Just because you only have an egg, a lime and some peanut butter left in your fridge doesn't mean you can't make a feast. List the items in your icebox, and Kraft's cool little tool will show you recipes to make scrumptious vittles.

Dirt Nap
If you like to hang out in cemeteries to gaze at the headstones, you're not weird. On Dirt Nap, you'll find beautiful pictures of graves and statues from photographer Matt Hickerson. Send one as a postcard, or see how you can buy a framed print of your favorite photo.

Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion
Ever wonder what the connection is between Bugs Bunny and the B-19 bomber? How many times was the legendary actress Greta Garbo used in a Warner Brothers cartoon? This is the A to Z encyclopedia of trivia when it comes to Warner Brothers cartoons and how they related to people, places and events of the times. Learn things about Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the rest of the gang that you never knew. And see why mobster characters were a big hit with the kids in the 1940s.

For those of us too embarrassed to ask someone how to pitch a fastball or kick a perfect soccer goal, there's help. SportsID offers free downloadable movies that show you how to play different sports. Get tips on such sports as archery, bowling, inline skating, martial arts and so much more. Before you know it, you'll be golfing and snowboarding like a seasoned athlete.

George Takei
If you're a veteran fan of the old Star Trek series, then you'll recognize this name as the actor who played Mr. Sulu. Since Star Trek, he's been in a number of movies and appeared on countless TV shows, including guest spots on Miami Vice, Hawaii Five-0, My Three Sons, The Six Million Dollar Man, Murder She Wrote and even Muppets Tonight. See what he's up to lately on this official site.

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