Aug. 20, 1999

Land of the Lost
Dinosaurs are pretty cool - as long as they're not living in your backyard. Land of the Lost was one of those shows from the '70s that reminded us humans that we have it pretty good in comparison. The last thing you want is a T-Rex chasing you home from a hard day's work of berry harvesting. Check this site out for information on the show, the cast and special effects.
If you dig movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll love This site pays tribute to legendary animators such as Ray Harryhausen and Nick Park. Learn all about the animation behind classics like Star Wars, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Jason and the Argonauts. The site has plenty of film clips to keep you occupied for hours.

Cinema Bytes
So you think you know everything about movies, eh? Well now is your chance to prove it! Go to this site for daily trivia questions about plot lines, actors and directors. Try your hand (or ear) at the sound clip trivia section too. It's not as easy as you think, big shot!

Wild Bear Cam
The Blair witch isn't the only thing to be scared of in the woods. With the Wild Bear Cam, courtesy of National Geographic, you can watch these big beasts up close without any worries of receiving painful claw marks. The cam is located in Alaska's McNeil Falls, the site of the largest gathering of bears. Control the cam to look at bears, or visit the video gallery for images already collected.

Keeping Ken
Why should Barbie get all the attention? On Keeping Ken, you'll find that Barbie's significant other has quite a few fans as well. Did you know that Ken was named after the creators' son Ken Handler? Or that there were many versions of Ken, including the Rocker Ken complete with a hot pink guitar? The site has plenty of interesting facts about the first boy toy.

May I Suggest
It's not easy to tell a loved one that they are smelly or have bad breath. Now you don't have to. Leave it up to May I Suggest to send the not-so-subtle hint. For a small price, the site will send a tactful letter and a "gift" to reinforce the message. For example, if your pal has bad breath, he will be sent a bottle of mouthwash. The site also offers rather rude gifts to those folks who just don't understand the sentiment. If you have a coworker who is too talkative during meetings, you can have a sock sent to him (to later be placed in his mouth.) Heh.

The Skinny On
Why do cars stop in traffic for no reason? Does giving someone the evil eye work? Will a full moon really make you go nuts? The Skinny On site from the Discovery Channel answers questions that most scientists don't bother researching. Written by Hannah Holmes, this column makes for interesting reading when it comes to age-old questions, like why there's no Channel 1 on your TV and why you twitch while falling asleep.

Happydale comic
The folks at D.C./Vertigo comics have a new graphic novel on the shelves. Seth Fisher and Andrew Dabb bring you Happydale, a tale of a nice place to live - especially for freakshow artists and offseason carnival workers. Sounds a bit like Gibsonton, Fla. I wonder if Lobster Boy will make an appearance.

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