Aug. 27, 1999

National Geographic's Salem
Before there was the Blair Witch, there were the accused at Salem. National Geographic takes an in-depth look at the men and women (and even one dog) who died because of the Salem witch trials. Read the history behind the trials, and see if you would be able to survive the tests yourself.

Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records
Not all records are made from vinyl. Some are made from really cheap plastic, cardboard or a magical material called Flexi. This bizarre collection contains special records produced for everything from seasonal greeting cards to breakfast cereal ad campaigns. I had no idea Count Chocula could sing!

Hair Part Theory
The next time you go on a blind date, try to get a good look at his or her head. Apparently, you can tell a lot about people from the way they part their hair. If a man parts his hair on the right, it means he has difficulty with relationships. And a woman who parts her hair on the left will be taken more seriously than a woman who parts her hair on the right. And if you're bald, no one will ever know if you're trustworthy at all.

Discovery Online's Alien Invasion site
They're out there alright - hovering over our houses, just waiting to land any day now. Discovery Online examines the possibilities of Alien Invasion. On the site you'll find a Spot the Real UFO game, where you try to tell the real ships from the hoaxes. Then go to the Aliens Online section to read articles about radio observatories and believers searching for sounds of communication from other galaxies. Or watch video clips of various Discovery shows about alien investigations.

Buffo the World's Strongest Clown
Clowns are kinda scary on their own, but could you imagine one who can juggle bowling balls and eat fire? Buffo is not only the world's strongest clown, he might be one of the weirdest. He can rip phone books in half, speak sign language, escape straight jackets and walk a tightrope. Wow.

Dorothy Parker's New York
Sometimes you learn more about a famous author when you see where she lived. On Dorothy Parker's New York, you'll be given a tour or Dorothy's homes and hangouts. See where this legendary writer grew up on West 72nd St., and then later where she lived during her bad marriage to Eddie Parker on 57th St. Wander through her favorite speakeasies and offices. Don't miss going to the Dot Audio section for some spoken word files by an elderly Dorothy Parker.

The Diego Rivera Mural Project
If you're not familiar with this famous muralist, you probably only know Diego Rivera as the husband to surrealist painter Frida Kahlo. The Diego Rivera Mural Project, created by the City College of San Francisco, explains the Rivera's Pan American Unity mural, panel by panel. Read the history of the painting and the legend who created it.

The Wonder Mat
The Wonder Mat is a modern guide to all kinds of things. The site has interactive puzzles and games, as well as a Wondermatic Love Machine where you can calculate true love based on the name of your significant crush. The design will impress you, but its personality will keep you coming back for more.

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