phreaky phun

November 29, 1996

Lampkin's Fussy Baby Solution Site
What do you do with a crank baby who won't stop crying? Sit him in front of this site to soothe him to sleep. The fussy baby slideshow is a series of geometric symbols that keep the baby's attention long enough to stop the tears. Download a poster so you can calm your child away from the computer.

Make some new cyberpals by hanging out on the Spacebar chat page. Built and run by the folks at Cyborganic. Watch your time slip away as you chat with ten people at once or with a single, lucky person one-on-one.

The Importance of a Smile
Turn that frown upside down, and you could enrich a stranger's life. By smiling, you make your day a little brighter. Put on a happy face or read about why you should be grinning in the first place.

Silly Putty on the Web
Sitting down with the Sunday newspaper comics and a wad of Silly Putty was once a childhood tradition for kids across America. When you press the putty against a newsprint comic, a perfect copy gets stuck, so you can stretch images of Snoopy for amusement. Take a look at how Silly Putty has transformed from a salmon-color goo into multi-colored and glow-in-the-dark varieties. The site also has photos and a few movie clips of Silly Putty masterpieces.

Otter Pops
Eat a dessert that turns your tongue blue. Otter Pops have cute cartoon animals representing each tasty flavor of the icy treats. An artsy otter is the icon for rasberry while a guitar-playing cowboy otter takes his position as Poncho Punch. The site has recipes, character descriptions and even a poll to vote for your favorite otter character of all time.

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