Sept. 10, 1999

A Brief History of Stress
Biting your nails and twitching more than usual at work? Perhaps you suffer from too much stress. On the Brief History of Stress site, you can find out who is to blame for all your restless nights. Breathe deep and venture into a site for those of us in need of a long vacation.

Ugly Couch Contest
You might not like to admit it, but everyone has owned one of these in their lifetime - an ugly couch. It's comfy, but it sure does look funny. See which couches made it to the finals in this contest for the ugliest couch in America. You might recognize one from a living room in your past.

How to Talk New Age
Are you at a loss for words when confronted by a New Age guru? This guide gives you tongue-in-cheek definitions to the latest New Age jargon such as psychic surgery and chakra.

Tune Trivia
What was the name of Ice Cube's first rap group? Boz Scaggs recorded his breakthrough Silk Degrees album with studio musicians who later formed what successful band? Try your hand at music trivia questions in the genres of rock, pop, rap and country. If you know all the answers, you might get to enter your name in the Hall of Fame.

Doug Henning's World of Magic
Doug Henning was the kind of magician that embodied the '70s. He had that long-hair hippie look and liked to wear spandex shirts with clouds silk-screened on them. He may have had zero fashion sense, but he sure knew his magic tricks. On this site you can read about what he's been up to lately, and watch videos of his past illusions. Area 51
We're not alone. Not even close. On's Area 51 site, you'll can read the latest news about UFOs, aliens and sci-fi in general. Tabloid and serious news items are both covered. If you like reading up on our alien buddies, this is the place for it.

Jon's Amazing Midi Quiz Thingy
Turn up your speakers and test your ears on Jon's Amazing Midi Quiz Thingy. After listening to MIDI files of songs, it's up to you to guess which movie they came from. If you can't guess the first clue, you should probably give up now.

Stress Relief Aquarium
If you have Shockwave running on your machine, you'll be able to access the Stress Relief Aquarium. Take out your stress on a poor little goldfish. You can boil, freeze, poison and jostle the cute fella, and he just won't die. Well, that is until you light the old-fashioned cartoon explosives. By the way -- I don't encourage animal abuse of any kind -- unless the victims happen to be evil cartoon fish.

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