Sept. 24, 1999

Mark's Card Trick
Concentrate on the card, and the smart goldfish will shoot the right one. Works every time! He sure is a smart little fishy.

Remember getting up early on Saturday morning just to watch the Smurfs or Underdog? The folks at TV Guide pay tribute to your favorite morning cartoons. Take a nostalgic tour of Fat Albert, Gumby, Scooby-Doo, Wacky Races and other memorable cartoons.

If you want to seem like a well-read person, but don't have the time to spare for reading a whole book, then visit this book summary site. Book-A-Minute has short, pithy blurbs about science fiction and fantasy books, as well as the classics like Hamlet and Moby Dick. The site also has a special section for kids' bedtime stories.

Like Television
Stuck at work or home without access to a TV? Now you can watch old Alfred Hitchcock movies such as The Secret Agent on your computer. These aren't just trailers either. Live Television shows full movies complete with commercials. Choose from such categories as comedy, documentary, drama, horror and cult classics. You might be shocked at how nice the quality is on these black and white films.

Who invented 7-Up? What's the secret recipe for Pepsi? Have you ever had a Moxie? On Soda, you can read about the history of your favorite sodas and ice cream brands. Find out once and for all if there really are prunes in Dr Pepper.

Monkey and Penguin Visit Disneyland
Just because you're a stuffed animal, that doesn't mean you can't go on vacation. Travel to Disneyland with Monkey and Penguin. Watch them pose in front of Cinderella's Castle or monkey around the Haunted Mansion. They might not be real, but these toys sure do know how to have a good time. - Will Hertes' Letters
Will Hertes is a inquisitive guy. He likes to write letters to companies asking them questions no one else would contemplate. He wrote Jack in the Box fast food restuarant and begged the customer service folks to send him a couple of Jumbo Jack burgers in the mail, since he doesn't have access to them where he lives. Then he tried to convince Nike to design a shoe no one would steal, so he wouldn't have to worry about being mugged for his footwear. The great thing about this site is that Will republishes his letters and their letters in return so you can see the entire discussion as it progesses. You'll laugh when you read his letter to Juggler's World magazine about juggling humans.

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