Oct. 1, 1999

Celebrity Baby Name Index
Which popular singer has a son named Seven? Which Baldwin has a daughter named Ireland? On the Celebrity Baby Name Index, find out what your favorite actors, singers and other stars have named their children. It's a great site for baby names in general if you're looking to name your offspring something unique. After all, how many kids do you know named Free?

Travel to Oriland
Imagine a place completely made from origami buildings, nature and people, and you have Oriland. Here's a place full of different landscapes complete with beautiful flowers and gigantic dinosaurs. Go to the Oriverity section, where you can find diagrams to make your own origami house, flowers and a parrot.

Virtual Anatomy Image Browser
Ever wanted to see a 3D image of the human spine without the cartilage? Or maybe you wanted to take a glimpse at your body with transparent skin. Skip going to med school if all you want to see is cool animations of your heart, lungs, veins, skin and bones. Download small MPEG movies of your ribs in motion.

Cats Around the World
In the spirit of those sites that show stuffed toys or real pets on vacation in different places, there's the Cats Around the World site. Only I don't think these cats actually went anywhere. In fact, Dalli and Sammy sit in the same position, while their master places their image inside other photographs of San Francisco, Paris, Bermuda and Houston.

Greg Knight's Patio Culture
If you grew up in suburbia during the '60s, you'll probably recognize just about everything on Greg Knight's Patio Culture site. The site has great information on popular televison shows, toys and news events. Heck, there's even a section all about kids' fascination with being mean to insects. The best section is undoubtedly the recipes, which include how to make sausage and cheese strata, mock chicken sour cream enchiladas, and fanciful fruit pizza. Yum!

Have you ever wanted to write witty commentary like newspaper columnist Dave Barry, but don't think you have the talent? Well, relax, because now you can write just like him, with the help of AutoDave. You type in key phrases and words and - poof - instant column!

Computing isn't just a man's job. Just ask LinuxChix.org. This site has interviews and profiles with women who use the Linux program and want to create an atmosphere where they can talk freely without being called newbies.

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