Oct. 8, 1999

Chart Shop
What do the stars have in store for you? Go to Chart Shop for a free online profile. Type in your name, birthplace and exact time you were born, and you will get an in-depth astrological report. The site shows you the exact positions of the planets at your birth, as well as information on how people see you and how you approach life. Along with a written statement about the inner you, Chart Shop also supplies a complimentary chart wheel.

Corndog Festival
Corndogs don't just make tasty snacks, they have the potential to be great art. See corndogs placed in classic pieces of artwork, or witness folk art using corndogs as the main material.

AMC's American Pop
Do hula hoops and drive-in theaters send you into a frenzy of nostalgia? On AMC's American Pop site you'll find lots to reminisce about. Watch movie trailers from movies like Gidget Goes to Rome, or take a rock 'n' roll trivia quiz.

Miss Click
Nowadays it's difficult to find a teen girl magazine that isn't all about dieting or getting a date for the prom. If you're tired of reading profiles about the Backstreet Boys, take a gander at MissClick.com. Known as the little sister of Chickclick.com, this teen site has more sass than most online zines around. Get dating advice, or read about women mentors who have cool jobs. It's the kind of site you really should pass on to your kid sister, if you want her to be cool.

Wired Magazine Phrase Generator
Grunge nano-robots are the innovative signpost of Hollywired. Integrated data is illuminating the innovative dynamic of the digital horizon. If you want to spout out phrases like those at your next board meeting, use the Wired Magazine Phrase Generator. Soon you'll sound so convincing as a technology visionary, you might even get a raise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't just an action hero, he's a Web celeb. Go to his official Web site and take a poll about his past movie roles, or read why he considers himself an activist. Check out his souvenirs section for free Arnold computer wallpaper, or the latest Arnold memorabilia auction.

P45 - Wasting Time @ Work
Sick of your dull desk job? Need help with job interviews? The P45 interactive form asks you a few key multiple-choice questions and then spits out text you can use on your interview. For example, the form might ask if you have previous experience in working in a boring office, driving getaway cars, singing telegrams or drinking pints. This just might work, if your future employer actually has a sense of humor.

Swanson's Parade of Lost Identity
Ever wonder who wrote those tasty recipes for chicken pancakes or chicken and lime Jell-O mold? Swanson's Parade of Lost Identity reveals the names of the housewives who concocted the weirdest dishes made from poultry. Now you have a face and name to blame for these nightmarish side dishes.

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