Nov. 5, 1999

Hollywood Tarot
When Darth Vadar is your Devil card and Agent Scully is the Justice card, an ordinary tarot reading becomes a star-studded event. On Hollywood Tarot, you can see your future from the faces of famous actors and singers. It's rather sad to see how appropriate some of the connections between the celebrities and their cards really are. For example, troubled actor Roberty Downey Jr. is the 10 Swords card for Ruin, while the Ace of Swords card of Doom belongs to James Dean.

The M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios
Before fancy stereo systems and CD players came on the scene, there were colorful transistor radios. All the cool kids had them. It's amazing to see how many styles of these radios were floating around back then. Check out the Hi-Lite YTR-601 or the Crestline 280.

Music for Cubicles Recipes
Hungry for some hot brownies, but can't slip away from work to get some? That's OK, because now with these handy recipes you can make an interesting snack in your cubicle. Concoct a Natural Pseudo-Snack Torte using rice cakes and condiments. Or make a spicy beverage from Chinese hot sauce packets and water.

Volume One
When some people plan to design a Web site, they really make an impression. On Volume One, click on anything that moves or blinks for a pleasant surprise. When you're done with the Autumn section, go to the site's other seasonal creations. Your senses will be happy you did.

Lakewood Croquet Club
Bored with the usual extreme sports? Perhaps you should join the Lakewood Croquet Club. These folks play croquet with a whole new set of rules. Heck, they even encourage cheating! Plus the club members suggest talking in a fake British accent throughout the match. Bravo!

Deformed Frog Cam
As sick as it is, maybe if everyone saw this site, we might actually try to make serious attempts to clean up the environment. On the other hand, seeing these three-legged frogs might bring out the dark Dr. Frankenstein in all of us. Either way, the site not only has enough photos of freaky frogs to make anyone cringe, but also has valuable information on why these creatures are born with mutant bodies.

Speak Icelandic Like a Restless Native
If someone sauntered up to you and said, "Nei er ekkert svar," would you know what she said? The Speak Icelandic Like a Restless Native site will teach you a selection of common phrases and words so you can hold a conversation sounding like a mildly disturbed person. After all, how many times can you say, "I have a burst appendix" before people start walking away in confusion?

Here's another one of those Web art installations that everyone's always emailing around to each other. Don't try to make any sense of the site. Simply click and see where the images and sounds take you.

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