Dec. 10, 1999

Frontline: Apocalypse
No one knows for sure what will happen on Jan. 1, 2000. Will the apocalypse finally arrive, or is it merely a bunch of hogwash? Frontline explores a millennium's worth of beliefs and events regarding the coming of the apocalypse. Read interviews with historians and scholars who have their own thoughts on the end of the world.

Adventure Van
Get your motor running and head out on the highway, with This site lets you tag along on a road trip in a 1976 RV with Heather, Jason, Myles and Vanessa as they wander through the Eastern half of the United States. You can read their journals, watch videos of the places they visit and see what they see with their van cam.

Name the Decade
What should we call the next decade? Should it be the Naughties? The Zeros? Or maybe even the Y2Ks? Vote on your favorite name for the decade of 2000. Who knows, we may end up calling it the Nillies!

Live Piranha Cam
Too scared to watch a tank full of piranha up close and in person? Perhaps the Live Piranha Cam is more your speed. Watch the vicious fish swim around and eat food. You can even click on the cam to zoom in on the fish without any worries of getting your fingers chomped off.

Plastination is a "unique method of preserving durable anatomical specimens while retaining a lifelike condition." Apparently the specimens are donated human organs and bodies. Ewww. Read all about this technique, and take a gander at the exhibit. You might just gain some insight on the inner workings of the human body.

Everything's Archie
If you love Archie comics, and find yourself humming "Sugar, Sugar" on occasion, then you should probably visit Everything's Archie. The whole gang from Riverdale is here: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Big Moose, Dilton and Jughead. Take the trivia quiz, or read up on the history of this popular comic.

National Geographic's Grimm's Fairy Tales
Before Disney got ahold of them, Grimm's Fairy Tales were fairly gruesome. Not all the endings were happy, animals didn't sing, and sometimes you had to chop off a few toes to fit into the glass slipper. National Geographic takes a look at the history behind the stories, and features 12 untarnished tales from the 1914 translations.

Las Vegas Strip History
You wouldn't know it if you went to Las Vegas now, but the city that never sleeps has a fairly extensive past. With all the new buildings and gimmicky hotels that seem to sprout up overnight, it's difficult to find the Las Vegas of yesteryear. With help from the Las Vegas Strip History site, you can read about the Pair-O-Dice, the 91 Club and El Rancho.

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