Feb. 4, 2000

New York International Children's Film Festival
Just because you're not visiting the Big Apple, doesn't mean you can't attend the New York International Children's Film Festival. This year the festival presents a Japanese animation retrospective complete with short film clips of animations from all over the world including New Zealand, Belgium, Norway and Japan.

Bug Eyed Monster
A wise man once said, "You can never have enough sci-fi toys." If you agree, you might want to drool over the stuff on Bug Eyed Monster. This site pays serious tribute to sci-fi toys of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Read articles about such classic toys as the Micronauts, Rom the Space Knight and Zoids.

The BFI 100
What's your favorite British movie? Is it Dr. No or The 39 Steps? The BFI 100 lists their favorite British films of the 20th century. You might be surprised to see what made the list and what didn't. The fact that Trainspotting is higher on the list than Chariots of Fire is pretty funny.

Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco
As a way to help preserve cartoon and animation history, the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco opened in 1987 thanks to an endowment from Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. The museum currently has over 11,000 original pieces in its permanent collection. Online you can see an exhibit of Edward Gorey's latest creations, or browse the latest list of other exhibits and events. Take a tour of the museum and see what the site has to offer.

The Simpsons.com
The Simpsons cartoon has been entertaining us for over a decade. But now Homer and his family want to do something extra special: Give you free Internet access. Somehow I get the feeling Mr. Burns has a few strings attached to this one. The site has information on how you can get some cool Internet perks, plus you can try your hand at Simpsons trivia with the Bart Bowl. Excellent.

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