Feb. 25, 2000

Genetic Savings & Clone
Just because your pet poodle Fifi dies of old age, doesn't mean you can't bring her back to life — sort of. Genetic Savings & Clone will keep samples of your pet's DNA in storage until cloning becomes an acceptable and affordable practice. It's nice to think that they could help save endangered spieces as well as defective hamsters.

The Atlanta Roadways Digest
When you sit in traffic during your morning commute, do you notice annoying people driving 10 miles under the speed limit in the fast line while they try to dial on their cell phones? The Atlanta Roadways Digest does more than just complain about bad drivers, they capture horrible driving habits on film and post it online for all to see. Browse through photo galleries like Left Lane Hogs and Park Much. Or watch video clips of cut-offs and dangerous lane changes.

The Amazing World of Kreskin
Kreskin knows all. Really, he does. Entertainer, performer psychic — Kreskin has been entertaining people with his paranormal skills for decades. Read his biography or read the latest news clippings of what he's been doing with his powers lately. He's even willing to turn his mortality into a Web game. There are 13 clues hidden within the site that can be pieced together to reveal the date of his own death!

Shields and Yarnell
Part mime act, part surrealist performance art — Shields and Yarnell did more than just walk into the wind. This dynamic duo had their own TV show in the late '70s, and even guest-starred on the Muppet Show. This site has a biography on the performers as well as photos and technical information.

Words You Can't Write With a Calculator
If you're bored and have a calculator, you'll appreciate this site. Apparently, there are quite a few words you can't spell out with numbers. Duh.

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