March 10, 2000

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
Do you think you have the biggest brain? Think again. Compare your brain mass to other creatures in the animal kingdom like kangaroos, tree shrews and whales. You might be surprised to see which animal has the tiniest noggin.

Air Sickness Bag Museum
Sometimes the coolest collector's item is in the last place you'd ever look. On this site you'll find an extensive collection of air sickness bags from airlines around the world. Many of the bags are usually plain and white, but others like Air Atlantis tend to get creative in the design department. The site also features information and photos of sea, space and train sickness bags, as well as promotional movie sickness bags.

The Easter Egg Archive
You don't have to wait for April to gather Easter eggs. At least, not this kind. Unlike actual chicken eggs, these eggs are basically hidden information in computer software, movies, CDs, TV shows, books and art. The Easter Egg Archive shows you where to look for secret footage in all of these areas. For example, in one of the episodes of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Buffy and Willow are talking by her locker, you'll see a notice board with a message written to all the fans thanking them for visiting the official Buffy Web site.

The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge
Even though Edgar Allan Poe is no longer with us, he still continues to add mystery to our lives. On the Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge, test your code-cracking skills by attempting to decipher a secret message from the eerie author.

Style Wars
Graffiti might be a crime, but to some spectators it's a form of urban art. Style Wars is a site about a documentary of the same name which investigates the 10-year war between graffiti writers and the New York City authorities. Watch video segments, read information about the film and look through the spectacular photos of subway graffiti art.

The Sushi Guide
Why should you pay mucho dinero for a platter of sushi, when you can follow the directions on this site to make your own? The Sushi Guide explains everything from ingredients to tricks of the trade. Learn how to fillet a fish and cook sushi rice. Soon you'll be making homemade maki and nigiri just like a pro chef.

Letters from Homeroom
Passing notes in class is probably one of the few things to do to amuse yourself in homeroom. Pretend you're eavesdropping on two high school sophomores, Alix and Claire, by reading their notes and listening to their conversations. It's just like being in high school, minus the homework.

Jennifer Chen
Late at night while watching ESPN, you might be lucky enough to catch the billiards tournaments. If you're really lucky, you'll get to see ace pool shark Jennifer Chen do her thing. Read about her rise in the pool ranks of Taiwan to a world champion at the young age of 24.

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