March 24, 2000

Auroras 2000
Sometimes Mother Nature really knows how to put on a spectacular light show. Auroras 2000 is your one-stop spot for information on these amazing northern lights. Read articles explaining aurora activity and find the current location of the aurora borealis. You can also see various video clips and photographs showcasing its magnificence and beauty.

Matchbook Diary
Some of us attach memories to our collections. In Matchbook Diary, read stories from a writer who collects matchbooks from restaurants, bars and hotels. Behind every matchbook he owns there's an intriguing tale. From the writer's comments about working at Pizza Hut to staying at the Radisson hotel, his short meanderings are extremely entertaining.

Dateline: Kennel
Nothing is funnier than opening up your newspaper to see a photo of a dog riding a bicycle. So why don't more newspapers use these comical images of canines? Good question. Dateline: Kennel takes a look at some of the more amusing photos published in newspapers from the '50s and '60s.
Pile inside the family roadster and take a road trip. pays tribute to family cars of yesteryear as well as the brand new models that continue to pop up on car lots. Look at photos from classic wagons, or read the history behind these beloved cars.

Bad Fad Museum
What do troll dolls, kewpie dolls and koosh balls all have in common? They're all relics of bad fads of American pop culture. Get the history behind everything from pet rocks to bellbottom pants. After all, it's your heritage too!

Dirty Harry Tour of San Francisco
If you love Dirty Harry movies and plan on visiting San Francisco, perhaps you should take this tour. You can stop by all the places where Clint Eastwood chased down rotten criminals and said things like "Well, do you feel lucky, punk?"

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