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December 20, 1996

Are You Being Served? Fan Page
Are you free to watch a funny British sitcom from the 1970s? Are You Being Served? is a sitcom about the salesmen and women who work at the Brooks Brothers department store. The cast includes a temperamental saleswoman who dyes her hair a different wild color every episode, an egotistical floor manager, a smart-aleck junior salesman, an elderly owner who chases after his young nurses and others. The fan site not only lists the cast bios and summaries for every episode, but also has sound clips, a FAQ, interviews with the stars, floor plans of the store and much more.

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
Being a superhero isn't easy. You have to have a cool name, impressive weapons and magical powers. Sometimes you're an ugly mutant, while other times you can look rather silly in a cape, mask and tights. Lee's here to help. Answer a few questions and he'll gladly give you a new, creative superhero name, interesting weapons and even a name for your vehicle of choice. If you enable the Marvelizer, you'll automatically become a mutant, thus enabling more sales of any comic books that depict you. Go from Super Guy to Omega Dragon in minutes.

The Amazing Pecking Chicken
Just as the title suggests, the chicken pecks the ground like crazy, to the amazement of a nearby rooster. Leave the page up as a screen saver, or pretend the chicken is a pet and talk to your screen.

The Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube
Speed up a 3D cube and alter its projection measurements. The cube doesn't do much other than spin, but at least it looks cool. Think of the cube as a doorway to another dimension or an interactive, geometric piece of art work.

The Official Bob the Angry Flower Page
Flowers aren't always the symbol of beauty and joy. In Bob's case, flowers can be bitter, angry plants. Read about Bob's adventures with the Evil Business Guy Made of Butter and the Prince of Scorn.

The Book of Cliches
Don't worry, every cloud has a silver lining. It could be worse. Tomorrow is another day. If you don't know what to say to make someone feel better after a major traumatic event, use a phrase from this site. There are cliches for every situation. When your co-worker complains about all the paperwork on his desk, tell him, "Hurry when you have time, then you'll have time when you are in a hurry." And when you break a leg playing football, just say to yourself, "Better feeling pain than feeling nothing at all."

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